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How long does it take to do 1st Communion?

  • Elementary grades: 3 years

  • Jr. High 6th and 7th grades: 2 years

  • 8th grade:1 year

Why? Because it is one day out of the week and faith is a process, not a program. 8th grade is one yar because they need to receive communion before confirmation which is 9th grade.

When are Godparents valid for my child’s faith?

Godparents are presented ONLY at Baptism and Confirmation, not First Holy Communion. Church law or canon law clearly defines Godparents for Baptism and Confirmation, not Holy Communion. As a result, here at Our Lady of the Valley, we adhere to church law and the custom is to have the children seat alone and to receive First Holy Communion one at a time without the Godparent. Please remember, First Holy Communion is about the person’s spiritual encounter with Christ. First Communion is not centered on Godparents; moreover, on the individual receiving Jesus’ body, blood, soul and divinity.




What is the role of Godparents?

Are Godparents allowed to attend? Indeed and are most welcomed. A Godparent’s role is to take over or assist in the development of the Catholic faith for the person being baptized or confirmed in the event that his/her parents cannot or if they neglect the child’s faith development. This fulfills the baptismal promise to the Catholic faith and more God. Remember, God does not forget our promises to

Why can't my son or daughter have two Godparents for Confirmation?

Because Cannon Law and the Bishop of San Bernardino state there can be only one. 

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