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This last year our diocese celebrated its 40th Anniversary of its founding and our Bishop, Gerald Barnes, his silver jubilee of his Episcopal Ordination. On this momentous occasion, he has reaffirmed both the mission statement of the diocese which aims at impacting families with the hope that comes from the Gospel Message. He also reaffirmed the four values which we as a people of God should emphasize in our pastoral activity, namely: Faith, Hospitality, Reconciliation, and Collaboration.


Our Faith is in Jesus Christ who is the manifestation of God who walks among us. Our faith is in Him and the Church He founded, composed of sinful men, which is for us the pillar and foundation of Truth (1 Tim 3:15). Our Church is Catholic because it is one (Rom. 12:5) and because as the body of Christ her arms reach around the world to every people as a sign of the hospitality of a mother who welcomes her children into her bosom.


This caring mother our Church is the bride of Christ whom he will come to take to his heavenly mansion once her work of reconciling her children is complete. We come from diverse backgrounds, distinct races, varied nationalities, many languages and a myriad of cultures, but we are in process of overcoming the racism which is a vestige of original sin and learning to celebrate the richness of our diversity.


We are one body, made holy by the Eucharist, anticipated at our Baptism. which we celebrate daily, so as to feed our faith, strengthen our hope in God and perfect our all too imperfect charity. Our Apostolate is to preach the Word of God, especially to those who have not or scarcely heard the Good News of Salvation. This Evangelization is the responsibility of all the Baptized which we accomplish, as a community of believers who opt for collaborating as a witness and sign of the Unity of our Triune God.


We, the Spiritan Missionaries who serve this community, live in an intentional international community through which we hope to be a beacon of hope that all peoples can live and work in harmony when they respect and love each as children of the one true God. We invite all our friends to come to know the Missionary Spirituality of our founders especially that of the Venerable Francis Libermann who teaches us how to live each day in service of the will of the Holy Spirit who abides in each of us.

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